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Residential Solar Systems

The residential solar market continues to grow as more homeowners see the value of installing solar.
Solar panels harness that power into usable energy for your home at a lower cost than your local utility company. We do it all, carport, rooftop (asphalt shingle, flat, tile) canopy, ground and energy storage systems that provide you with greater choice, better design, and more value.
With Ready Nation, getting a solar system for your home is painless and cost-effective. We work with your local utility company, the Department of Buildings, and product manufacturers. We work hard to provide innovative custom solutions so that we can service more customers.
Our comprehensive approach will take you through planning, engineering, permitting, installation and connection. We’ll have you generating your own zero-cost, zero-emission energy with a 30-warranty on all repairs and roof penetrations. We use only tier I solar panels with degradation rates starting at .25, allowing your panel to provide up to 92% at year 25.

Getting a solar system for your home is painless and cost-effective

The real twist is that you’ve been paying for your neighbors to go solar for a few years now, see for yourself! Your utility company has been mandated to get more electricity from renewable resources, and they passed this on to you with a charge on your electric bill to fund upgrades to renewable infrastructure. This is why we can offer installation to those who pass credit with $0 out of pocket.
By offering products with low interest financing options,
Ready Nation Contractors has plenty of options to put you in full control of your home. With government programs like the federal investment tax credit or net-metering lessening or disappearing, this may be the last chance you get to take full advantage of solar benefits and join the clean energy revolution like your friends and neighbors.

Considerations for residential solar

Is there room on your roof for a solar system?
Is your roof composed of Shingle, Clay, Slate or Metal?
Is your roof pitched or flat?
Do you need battery storage?
Is your roof free from trees and other shading that might obstruct direct sunlight?
How much of your grid electricity consumption will a solar system replace?
What are the tax incentives involved in installing a solar panel system on your home?
Does your utility provider allow for net-metering?

Commercial Solar Systems

Energy consumption for businesses is usually highest during the day, a peak time for utility rates. It is also when solar panels are producing the most amount of energy. Compared to residential projects which use electricity during the evening and into the night, commercial arrays can offset more from their utility charges.
Commercial energy contracts can be set up with dollar-for-dollar buyback agreements. The expense can be both capitalized and depreciated. And tax incentives are often available to help with the expense.
Our carport, rooftop, ground and energy storage systems provide you with greater choice, better design, and more value—the path to achieving your organization’s clean energy future., Our solar systems are a natural fit for many commercial and industrial buildings. Commercial systems need to be designed carefully because the electric utilities charge companies “demand” charges based on collective energy consumption at any given time. While the price of energy might be lower during the day, demand charges can decrease these savings.
Solar panels produce most energy

Solar systems are a natural fit for many commercial and industrial buildings.

Ready Nation Contractors provides comprehensive solar services: planning, engineering, furnishing the materials and equipment, installing, connecting, and maintaining the solar system long-term.
Walmart, IKEA, Costco, FedEx, Apple, Verizon, and many other large companies across the U.S. and the world are embracing solar in a big way. Cutting costs and helping their bottom line is the driving factor for this shift to clean energy. Solar is also seen as an environmentally responsible and progressive choice. Solar is good for the environment, good for business, and good for a company’s public image.

Considerations for commercial solar

Do you own the building or property?
Do you have a large, open roof or ground space?
Does your area get enough sun for solar energy?
What time of day are you consuming the most energy?
What are your net energy costs?
Will you need financing or will you purchase outright?
Does your state offer incentives and policies that support solar?
Will your customers cheer your sustainable business practices?
Give us a call! Our experts will be glad to discuss all of these considerations and determine if solar is right for you.
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